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CELTA teacher training

Application deadline for spring course: January 24 – Apply now!

CELTA is a training course provided by Masaryk University CELTA centre CZ025 certified by the University of Cambridge to train teachers of English to speakers of other languages. CELTA or Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults is an internationally recognised certification in the field of teaching English and is designed for present and future teachers of English who wish to improve their skills and/or learn to teach English in an international environment.

Why take CELTA at Masaryk University?

Why take CELTA?

CELTA at Masaryk University is specific in being spread over a fifteen-week period directly linked with semesters at MU, which offers the participants the unique experience of teaching Czech students alongside trainees from various countries.

CELTA at MU offers training in the communicative teaching approach, which can be easily adapted to different age groups and cultures, and is widely accepted by employers around the world. Also, to take the course we do not require any previous teaching experience or Czech language skills.

How and when can I apply for the course?

Application process

Application form and process

There are 2 steps to the application process for our CELTA course:

the APPLICATION FORM must be sent to MU CELTA administrator Markéta Pilařová at pilarova@cjv.muni.cz after which an INTERVIEW is held (by phone/Skype or in person).

Applicants must be at least 18 years old at the time of the interview.

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, the earlier you apply the better chances you have of being admitted to the course.

Application timeline

Application timeline

1. Submit your application to the MU CELTA admin, application will be reviewed by the tutors.

2. Interview with a CELTA tutor. The tutor will get in touch with you via email to discuss the date. The interview can take place online or via phone as well as in person.

3. We will let you know about your acceptance. After you pay the deposit, we will issue an official Acceptance Letter for you. (For those who need visa, we can also issue any other necessary documents.)

4. Payment of the rest of the course fee by July 31/January 31.

5. Start of CELTA course in September/March.

Course cost

Course fee

The programme fee is 35.000 CZK.

This includes: a 146 GBP Cambridge English CELTA registration fee, an extensive in-depth interview, tuition fee, CELTA certificate fee, and individual report on course performance, all materials, photocopying and printing for course purposes, administrative support before, during, and after the course, wifi-access at the premises.

The deposit is 2.500 CZK (which will then be subtracted from the full course fee).

Participants are informed on the payment details by the course administrator.

Can I get more details about the course?

Course timeline

Spring dates: March 5 – June 11, 2021.

The spring course will be taking place online. All aspects will be delivered virtually. What you need is a quiet environment, stable internet connection, and a laptop/PC with webcam and microphone. If you have any questions, please contact the course admin.

Course schedule: Wednesdays evenings are dedicated to observed teaching practice with feedback (roughly 4 – 8:30pm), followed by full Fridays with assisted lesson planning, input sessions, observations and tutorials (roughly 9am – 5pm including breaks).


CELTA participants are assessed based on two criteria:

Written assignments and projects connected to topics covered in class. There will be four assignments of roughly 1000 words each spread out through the course.

Teaching 6 hours of adult classes at different levels of language skills. In case the course is delivered online, teaching will also take place online in virtual classrooms.

The assessment criteria do not change if the course is delivered online.

Topics covered

CELTA course consists of 2 parts:

Methodology workshops (= input sessions) covering 1) context of teaching and learning, 2) language analysis and awareness, 3) language skills (listening, writing, reading, speaking), 4) resources and planning for teaching, and 5) teaching skills development.

Teaching practice including experienced teachers’ class observations, peer observations, discussions, and individual classes taught by CELTA participants.

My tutors

Dita Phillips – Main Course Tutor

Dita completed her CELTA at Masaryk University in 2000 and has been teaching ever since. She became a trainer in 2009 and spent more than 10 years training future teachers in Oxford, UK. She also holds an MA in English Language and Literature, and Sociology.

Linda Nepivodová

Jonathan Doig

What our past CELTA students say?

Anita Shek

SUNY Oswego

I feel the most important thing about the CELTA program was that it gave me support in a real world teaching experience and thus, built my confidence. The analysis of the lessons I taught were valuable in teaching me to critique my own performance so my learning would continue even when CELTA ends.

The advantage of taking the class at Masaryk University was learning alongside Czech students. They offered a different perspective of our students and helped us to understand how their mentality and school system which are so different than those I know in the USA. It's easy to get caught up in the work and forget to make good friends with the people from that area. With them in this class, it wasn't even an issue.

Jennifer Russell

Ithaca College

I've really enjoyed learning to teach ESL here at Masaryk because of the unique perspective I've gained by teaching and working alongside people who have learned English as a second language themselves.

Jana Zalska

Masaryk University

I'm absolutely won over by the practical approach of this course. Real-life answers to real-life questions and well aimed practice. And a group of great people who make the challenge of learning to teach fun. I love it.

Jiri Karas

Masaryk University

The CELTA course? I've found it to be more ... than I expected - more interesting, more intensive, more challenging, more rewarding, more demanding and also more fun. I feel like I'm learning a lot and at the same time I can also contribute to the course a lot. The people are great, the schedule is sometimes crazy, the stuff we learn interesting and motivating. All in all - I'm really glad I can do it.

This CELTA course is certified by

Cambridge Assessment English

Who can I contact for more information?

If you have any questions regarding the CELTA course provided by MU, please contact

You might visit Cambridge English for general information on CELTA certificate and Cambridge-acclaimed course syllabus.